Unexpected Journeys

By Catherine

Unexpected Journeys is a heartwarming novel about Helena, a young widow trying to find a new life for herself and her little boy. Helena thought that her marriage would last forever, that life would give her happy ever after – it came to an abrupt end. Could she ever love again, trust another man?

Helena, the successful lawyer, had become an insecure mess. For her son’s sake, she had to find a way back, regain control. She needed to think; far away from painful memories. So she did the only thing she could do – booked an extended trip for her and her son. Four months on a Greek island. It started as a vacation, but it became a journey to a new life.

For Greg playtime was over, but who was he? Trapped between two cultures, two countries – two lives. He was destined to take over his wealthy father’s business. Commitment scared him; nine years at an Oxford university prolonged the inevitable. Eventually his heritage caught up with him. What kind of man did he want to be? Greg had to find himself - his roots, so he returned to his mother’s island.

Unexpected Journeys is a romance novel set in an international environment of New York, London and Greece. Two people scarred by life gets a second chance for love.

You can read the first three chapters here. Just use the next link in at the bottom of the page.