Thoughts about food

By Catherine

The quality of food and what we really eat is important for me. I strongly believe that we need to eat more natural things. The more you can understand what's on the label, the better I believe that the food is for us.

Modern progress have done wonders for us, but somewhere along the way I believe that we have lost contact with certain things, and that's one of the reason we have the obesity epidemic we have right now.


Here in the European Union we have a classification system for produce, quality 1 and 2. There is no difference in taste or nutrition in a class 1 cucumber or a class 2. The only difference is its looks. A class 1 cucumber has an even thickness and has a perfectly straight form. It can be sold for a premium price. A class 2 cucumber is bent and looks like the cucumbers I pick in my greenhouse.

This classification system isn't a political stunt, it is a necessity to try to reduce food waist and help the stores in their purchasing of produce. At its core it is us, the consumer, who has lost touch with how a real cucumber looks like, and most consumers don't buy a bent cucumber anymore. So the supermarket has to throw it out. Hence the need for a classification system, so the store don't have to buy them if their customers don't want them. The class 2 veggies can be bought cheep at a farmers market instead.

I believe this is so typical for where we are today as a consumer. We have lost touch with food. We choose a beautiful glossy, chemical treated apple, instead of a natural one. It's sad, and I believe it's unhealthy. I want to be able to pronounce what I eat.