Christmas Magic

By Catherine


Let me show you my Christmas. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, sit down at my kitchen table and let me tell you why I love Christmas, how it has influenced me and what it means to me.

Christmas Magic includes more than two dozen of holiday recipes, all beautifully illustrated with large full-color photographs and step-by-step instructions. It will give you plenty of Christmas inspirations and joy. This is the kind of book I would like to read; I haven´t found one, so I decided to write it instead.

It’s a cookbook, but it’s more than a cookbook. This is a book about Christmas decorations and traditions, it is also a story book. It tells you about Christmas; it helps you discover different holiday traditions and wonderful stories about what Christmas is for me.

Learn how our family ended up with the Christmas traditions we have today. Some of them dating back to my great-great-grandmother; others are traditions that I and my husband have created ourselves. This is the first book in a series called “The Ultimate Christmas Handbook” all are beautifully illustrated and will give you plenty of Christmas inspirations and joy.

So let me tell you my Christmas story, from one Christmas lover to another.