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I’m bi-lingual since childhood and writes both in English and Swedish. Unfortunately, after the stroke, I lost plenty of my vocabulary and started to mix the languages.  At the stroke unit they asked me if I prefered to speak Swedish or English. I didn't understand why, I was so sure I spoke Swedish.

This complicated my writing and for a long time I had to learn to write again, and found a new way to use my language. I sometimes, accidentally switch language without noticing it, it usually takes a page or two before I realize it. My writing process is a little bit more complicated these days, but on the other hand I have parts of a translation ready from the beginning.

You can read excerpts from most of my English books here.

The book Fly Wings, fly high by bestseller author Catherine Lind

Fly wings, Fly high!

By Catherine on Thu, 05/25/2017 - 18:43
Imagine the day when your life is turned upside-down, you can also call it a life altering event. Something completely unexpected, that alters the life you are used to, which can only be restored by intense determination and a strong will to survive.
This is my story and you can read the first chapters here.
Cover image of bestseller novel Unexpected Journeys

Unexpected Journeys

By Catherine on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 17:58
Unexpected Journeys is a heartwarming novel about Helena, a young widow trying to find a new life for herself and her little boy. Helena thought that her marriage would last forever, that life would give her happy ever after – it came to an abrupt end. Could she ever love again, trust another man?