Banned popcorns

By Catherine

After I wrote the piece about how to make popcorn I stumbled on this little story.

I like "Great Big Story". It's the type of initiative that I believe the world needs right now. Something that makes you laugh and learn something new at the same time. Exactly those two things are true for this little video. Popcorn at the movies are so beyond natural for my generation. The idea that they where banned is so hilarious.

Over 25 years ago there where a popcorn initiative, an association of popcorn farmers who were trying to educate the consumers of all the benefits of popcorn. It sounds hilarious, but it's true. I was editor-in-chief at a trade magazine for purchasers at the time, and was flooded with popcorn mail. They sent the most delicious images of popcorn's, they sent samples of different types of kernels and explained their characteristics.

For about six month I was drowning in popcorn related materials and I couldn't make them understand that my readers where industrial buyers, and popcorn wasn't necessarily on the list of what they were buying. The popcorn association didn't understand that little fact, and happily kept sending me their popcorn materials. But, I can understand it. Have you been banned like this, you probably don't take no for an answer.