How to convince someone to eat raw fish

By Catherine

After all the Christmas food, cookies and candy, some of us might need to loose some weight. I'm not pointing my finger to anyone, but let's just face the facts. Christmas is a time for over-indulging food, and that tends to have consequences. Some of my friends have a fondness for sushi, especially after Christmas since they think that sushi is a perfect diet food. I don't agree.

First of all, I don't eat fish, and secondly, I definitively don't eat raw fish, like sushi. I say that with a wink, since we eat a lot of pickled herring here in Scandinavia over Christmas. Technically, that's raw fish. Slightly fermented or pickled.


When I saw this video I found it very plausible that our Norwegian neighbor convinced the Japanese to eat raw salmon, especially since we Swedes convinced them that pickled hearing is a delicacy. Our Scandinavian fish culture is a little fishy, to say the best. Though we have one big advantage when it comes to fish. The cold waters here, gives us some of the best quality fish in the world.

For a long time you could go to a McDonald's in Norway and eat the McLax (McSalmon). If you can change a burger, you can change an 8th century dish like Sushi.