Grandmas marshmallows

By Catherine

Correct med if I’m wrong, but I feel like the younger generation looks upon marshmallows like a treat. On a stick, in s'mores or eaten as is in colorful shapes. It was different for my grandma. For her marshmallows where an ingredient. You used it for something, and like cookie dough, mustered powder and candid sugar; you shouldn’t eat it raw. That wasn’t good for you.

For you younger readers, I belong to a generation where cookie dough was something tremendously harmful, until it had passed through the magic oven. You could basically die if you ate cookie dough, since it would swell in your stomach and you would explode. The things we taught our kids in the 60th. It’s amazing we turned out as well as we did. Now, back to marshmallows.


I can still remember grandma’s marshmallow stash. They where in a tin jar, on the top shelf in the pantry. I don’t know how much she used, but she used them in desert pies and as icing on cakes. The few times when I got to eat one “raw”, if you can call a marshmallow raw, they where usually dried and dense. Since she cooked or baked them, I guess that didn’t matter. Today we throw a way a dry marshmallow and calls I spoiled; things have changed.