Deck the hall is released!

By Catherine


Did you know that your Christmas tree can look smaller or larger depending on how you decorate it? Or that the color of your Santa Claus can change from orange to dark red depending on where you place him? Have you ever bought a gorgeous Christmas decoration and brought it home just to realize that it didn’t look good as it did in the store?

That’s what this book is all about, making the most of your Christmas decorations. Learn how color, texture and shape helps make your Christmas decorations as stunning as they can be. Or worst case scenario; makes them disappear. Learn how simultaneous contrast make your golden ornaments look orange or how you can manipulate the perspective of a display to make it magical.

Let’s indulge in Christmas decorations. In this book, best-selling-author Catherine Lind shows you her decorating tips to help you transform your home for the holidays. “This book is not about taste in decorations or color,” says Catherine.

“It’s about the science behind it. How perspective, color, shape, light and texture works, easy techniques that you can follow to make your Christmas decorations extra special.”

Deck the hall is the second book in The Ultimate Christmas Handbook series. The book is all about Christmas, with decorations and recipes for warm comfort food; perfect when you deck your hall for Christmas.