Fly wings, Fly high!

By Catherine

Imagine the day when your life is turned upside-down, you can also call it a life altering event. Something completely unexpected, that alters the life you are used to, which can only be restored by intense determination and a strong will to survive.

I had a stroke, and it changed my life completely. He was a small bird born with a disability. He couldn’t fly. This is our story, how we learned to fly again together.

Fly wings, Fly high! Is an exceptional book where you will follow an magnificent, however crippled, magpie, from the day he was thrown out from his nest. Fly wings, Fly high! Is my experiences fighting against something unknown.

There are so many strange consequences after a stroke, one of the worst is the fear of this happening again and then there is the fear of all the things no one can explain to you. When you see furry animals running around your feet, you fear your sanity. When you can’t express yourself, you fear the future. When you can’t fly anymore, you fear your livelihood.

We named him Tiny, since he was such a small bird. Without him knowing it; his strength helped me back to a new life. Tiny didn’t know how to be a bird; instead he broke all the rules. He created a life especially for himself and during that first summer he started a journey to become the most magnificent magpie you could find.

This book is about my journey back to a new life, different from what I had; but, most of all it’s a life I didn’t expect to have, the day I ended up in the stroke unit of the regional hospital. It’s been a long journey, but I can fly again. Not only that, I know I can fly high!

You can read an excerpt from the book below.