Apples and apples

By Catherine

We live in an orchard and have apples all around us. An apple is probably one of the most versatile produce in an garden. You can use it for everything. As you probably have notices I write a lot about apples, and will continue to do that. When I found this little video about cider, I knew I wanted to share it with you. I so understand their thinking and fascination about apples.


They have such different flavor and texture, which can create complex tastes and dishes. Take a simple apple jam for example. Made from one type of apple, it can be rather ordinary. Bur combine 4-5 different apples, with different textures and you have another experience. A simple apple jam made that way can have notes and tones in it that creates a complex taste and makes you reach for the jar and take another spoon, even if you don't really eat apple jam.