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Do you know when to throw away food? part 1

If you don´t, you’re not alone. Statistically we waste 20 pounds of food per person and month; that’s about three times more than we did in the 1960th. Most people throw out food when it reaches its expiration date, but that doesn´t necessarily means that the food has gone bad.

There are different types of expiration dates, but none of them tells you when the food is unsafe from a health perspective. The "sell by" date shows the retailer how long they can display the items in the store; the "best by" date indicates when the food reaches its quality peak. The latter depends on how you store and handle the food, but it says nothing about when it´s unsafe to eat.

Our Grandmothers relied on their nose and taste buds and that´s probably why they didn’t throw away as much as we do. So let’s forget about the expiration date and instead look at how food behaves and when it becomes dangerous.

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