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Apples, apples and I can’t eat them

We have a small orchard, which is very beautiful in the spring and great fun during the summer. At least if you can eat apples. I can’t because I am allergic. If I eat a raw apple, my throat starts to swallow and I can’t breath after a while. 

I can eat apple pies, jam and other types of cooked apples. I just can’t eat them raw. I have a food allergy and fruits are one of the most difficult ones. Take grapes for example; depending on the type of grape and its skin, I can sometimes eat them. Same thing with tomatoes and bananas, I can eat some of them, but most of the affects my breathing. Over the years my husband have learned an interesting skill; he can distinguish which grapes I can and can not eat. A few times, when he is unsure: it usually means that I can’t eat them.

Yes I do try to eat stuff, even though I know it might not work. And yes, the allergy medication is close by just in case. Any way, back to apples.

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Apples, part 3

Let's wrap up the apple postings. We have two types of apples left. Juice- and wax apples.

Lets start with the Juice-apples. In our orchard we have both red and green juice apples. When you microwave them they behave similar to compote-apples, though you feel the difference when you eat them. They are so moist so they drip when you cut into them. In our orchard the juice-apples mature late September, early October. Even when they are ripe they stay on the tree, much longer than other apples.

If you cook them they behave similar to compote-apples, though they become apples pieces in sauce. Very delicious, but not at all fun if you expect apple jam. What makes these apples so special are their ability to make a clear, golden, sweet, beautiful apple juice, in large quantities. You can use a normal juicer, just cut them into pieces.

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Apples, part 2

Let's continue to talk about apples. In our garden these apples are the next batch to mature and I simply call them Apple-pie apples, since that's what they do best. You can probably find them in different colors; but our varieties are yellow-red and slightly larger than our other apples, more oval than round in their shape.

These apples are perfect in food and baked dishes. They always retain their shape, meaning that even when they are soft; your apple pie has nice wedges. If you microwave a wedge it will hold its shape, regardless for how long you cook it. I don't know any other apples that does that, so they are easy to recognize.

If you puree these apples you get a grainy puree that feels like eating sand. These apples are very dry and the meat is firm, you can even chop and fry them without any problems. 
I use these apples for pies, in casseroles and I also dry them.

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An apple is an apple is an…. Or is it? Part 1

We are lucky enough to have a small orchard, a total of 28 apple trees and three pear trees. The oldest trees was planted 130 years ago and they still give us fruit, so I feel blessed. The first apples mature in early august and then it continues until early November, depending on the weather. During a normal apple season we have 7 tons of apple, that’s around 14000 lb apple, so it’s a lot of apples.

A few days ago one of my cousins asked if she could pick some apples, she wanted to make some pureed apple jam.
“Of course” I said. “But if you are going to puree them, you are a month to late”
She didn’t understand what I was talking about, apples were apples to her and every apple could be pureed. I think most people think the same way, especially if you are not used to a large variety of natural grown apples. 

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