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How to make your own vinegar

I have a Mother of Vinegar! I’ve had it for over ten years no and it continuous to produce vinegar. I must admit though that it started out as a mistake. 

A Mother of vinegar is a bacterial entity developed from fermenting cellulose. It turns alcohol and oxygen into acetic acid, i.e. it produces vinegar.

We make our own apple juice and during the first year in our orchard, I hadn’t learned the difference between different apples. Anyway a huge batch of apples where crushed and then pressed in our apple press. They where nice, sugary apples; though not juice-apples. The liquid was turbid and not really appetizing. I transferred it to a five gallon can and set it aside. The idea was to try to filter it, or find another way to clear it up. 

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Colored sugar and candy floss

Colored sugar can be really funny. I use it on cookies, porridge and anything that needs sugar to bright it up.  

To make colored sugar you need food color and regular sugar. Mix the color into the sugar, it usually becomes lighter when the sugar dries; so make it darker then you want it. Then spread the sugar on a baking tray and let it dry completely.  

I usually put the tray into the oven after I’ve done some baking. I let it dry in the left over heat. You can dry it in the oven, but make sure the heat is set to very low so it doesn’t melt the sugar. 

Turn the sugar around now and then and chop or crush it if it becomes lumpy. When it’s completely dried chop it again and store it in an airtight glass jar. I’ve noticed, at least in our climate, that storing sugar in a plastic container makes it lumpy so I prefer glass. 

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The most common question.

Yesterday I ate dinner at my cousin’s place. It was a birthday and her daughter was there with her family. My cousin has three small grandchildren and during the evening she put a bag of popcorn in the microwave so the kids could snuggle up with some popcorn and a movie.

I’m a strong believer that microwaved popcorn isn’t at all good food, though I love popcorn, so I asked her; why don’t you make it yourself, it’s just a pot on the stove. My cousin replied that it is so complicated and that she always ended up with a burned pot.

We eat a lot of popcorn, it’s a great snack if you make it yourself and avoid the butter. When we drove home I started to think about popcorn again. For some strange reason the question; How do you make good popcorn? Is the most common question I get. Something that’s so easy, becomes way to complicated and we end up with a microwave bag instead of doing it the old fashion way.

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