Colored sugar and candy floss

By Catherine

Colored sugar can be really funny. I use it on cookies, porridge and anything that needsugar to bright it up 

To make colored sugar you need food color and regular sugar. Mix the color into the sugar, it usually becomes lighter when the sugar dries; so make it darker then you want it. Then spread the sugar on a baking tray and let it dry completely.  

I usually put the tray into the oven after I’ve done some baking. I let it dry in the left over heatYou can dry it in the oven, but make sure the heat is set to very low so it doesn’t melt the sugar. Turn the sugar around now and then and chop or crush it if it becomes lumpy. When it’s completely dried chop it again and store it in an airtight glass jar. I’ve noticed, at least in our climate, that storing sugar in a plastic container makes it lumpy so I prefer glass. 

Colored sugar in candy floss makes a fun treat, easy to do

That brings us to candy flossWe bought one of those inexpensive cotton candy machines, mainly because candy floss always fascinated me as a kid and the idea of making it at home still trickles me. I've always believed that candy floss has a lot of sugar in it, so was I surprised. Less than tablespoon of sugar makes enough candy floss to satisfy three kids, but that’s not all. I’m never able to collect all the cotton threads and there is always a lot of sugar that ends up at the rim of the bowl; so from one tablespoon, at least half of it ends up in the bowl. 

Colored sugar in candy floss makes a fun treat, easy to do. It’s also fun to use white candy floss in Christmas decorations. It becomes a perfect white fluffy snow. How long it last will depend on the humidity in your area. I use it as decorations on the candy table and it will lasts for a week, even though it looks a little dense after 3-4 days. 

So my childhood fascination for cotton candy hasn’t change, on the contrary; I still love' it.

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