Brooklyn's wild parrots

By Catherine

Animals fascinates us and we have a strong connection to the animals in our garden. Someone might say that we give them human characteristic, that might be true. When you follow them as closely as we do, you get a connection to them. Most of all, you start to see their behavior and differences. As a human being, we interpret them thru that filter, but most animals are more clever than we believe. An most of all, more adaptive to their environment, and that's fun to watch.


I didn't know there where parrots in Brooklyn before I saw this, and it's a perfect example of how someone can adapt into an environment that is as far away from their natural environment as it could be.

When I see this I can't help to think about a magpie. My husband and I was traveling through Sweden and we stopped at a McDonald's. It was a warm summers day, so we took our trays and sat down outside. That's when we see this clever little magpie.

He walked on the sidewalk, alongside all the parked cars. He stopped in front of every car and picked it clean from insects that had stuck to the bumper. It was a rather high sidewalk, but when he saw something tasty that he couldn't reach, he made a little jump and grabbed it. Most of the other birds where begging for scraps, but this little fellow had adapted and was probably the best feed bird at the parking lot.

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Vinden ven med ett öronbedövande ljud runt huset, ett komplext och skrämmande ljud. I bakgrunden fanns ett otäckt susande som aldrig riktigt slutade. I förgrunden knakade och tjöt det i takt med att hela huset skallrade, vilket skapade ett olycksbådande dovt ljud. Vinden fick huset att kränga och vrida sig, som om det försökte skydda sig genom att röra sig i ryckiga kvidande rörelser.


I first met him on a bright summers day, when I almost stumbled over him. He was just a few feet away from our front porch, a tiny little rugged Pica Pica; or Eurasian magpie as he’s more commonly called.

He looked at me with his big, black eyes and he wasn’t scared. When I took a few steps away from the porch, he turned around and walked towards a pile of wood, that my husband had… more

She sat there staring through the airplane window. It was blue sky as far as Helena could see – no other planes, no nothing. If she leaned towards the window, she could see the clouds down below. It was the perfect weather for traveling.

"What are we doing here?" she quietly asked herself. "Is this crazy?"

Helena gazed at her seven-month-old baby boy, soundly asleep in her arms… more